In the United States alone nematode damage in major crops is estimated to reduce crop values by more than $5 billion annually.

AGNEMA_Stubby & Stunt
Stubby Root Nematode and Stunt Nematode – Image credit: AGNEMA, LLC

The Society of Nematologists and other organizations estimate global crop losses due to nematodes at $100 billion annually. Plant-parasitic nematodes are the largest unmet pest problem facing agriculture today. Approximately 28% of US crop acreage planted with field crops, vegetables, potatoes, fruits and nuts is infested with nematodes at economically damaging levels. The levels of infestations are even higher in the southern hemisphere, and among certain specialty crops. It is estimated that 40% of US strawberry acreage is infested with nematodes and 70% of the acreage receives chemical nematicide treatment. 900,000 acres of peanuts in the US are infested by the root-knot nematode, causing $81 million in losses annually.

(Reference: Pasteuria Bioscience)

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